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“Teachers, doctors and jurists are the three agents of Satanism: doctors are concerned with keeping us in a weakened state, teachers with keeping us united in following the dictates of the System, while jurists provide us with the framework from which, apparently, we cannot escape[1] “.

Peter I, King of Germany

In defiance of existing laws and what is believed, a branch of the anti-Semitic extreme right has re-founded the German state. This ‘other’ Germany is a constitutional monarchy, according to its subjects. Like any nation worthy of the name, it mints (digital, for the time being) currency, issues identity documents, passports and driving licences, and permits the establishment of new companies or the transfer of new ones from abroad – including the illegitimate Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). In addition, it offers its subjects the possibility of depositing savings in local credit institutions or taking out insurance policies with the kingdom’s companies in the territories ruled by King Peter I: the castles of Bärwalde (Boxberg, Saxony)[2] and Wolfsgrün (Eibenstock, Saxony)[3] , the former Chancellery estate in Halsbrücke (Saxony)[4] and a large estate in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Saxony-Anhalt), seat of government[5] , where annual Open Days are organised, which, at the time of the pandemic, could be accessed without a mask, test and vaccination: deniers and conspiracists constitute, on the whole, an important section of the hard core among the subjects of the Kingdom[6] .

The problem with the Kingdom of Germany, its subjects and its King is that no nation, including the Federal Republic of Germany, recognises its legitimacy. The ‘Königreich Deutschland’ (KRD) is an entity born in 2012 from the imagination of Peter I, born Peter Fitzek: originally from Halle (Saxony-Anhalt)[7] , Fitzek was a cook, karate instructor[8] and manager of an esoteric shop[9] . For the past twelve years, the self-proclaimed King and his team have been trying to expand their domains by purchasing real estate in different areas of Germany: a former cannery in Wittenberg, transformed into the seat of the realm and coronation site, as well as the castles of Bärwalde and Wolfsgrün, which cost EUR 1.3 and 2.3 million respectively[10] .

As we shall see, part of the money needed for the operation of the activities comes from the conspicuous donations of the subjects. It was not known where this money ended up and how it was administered, until The Global Pitch discovered an offshore financial structure, as yet unknown to the German judiciary, which was set up starting in 2014, based in an office building in Basingstoke, a town in the English countryside halfway between London and Southampton, home to several industries and financial companies, which grew up during the Second World War, when London children were sent to the countryside to escape German bombing. Over the years, the entire structure, now numbering over a hundred financial companies, has been moved to an office in the town of Bury, placed with a local trustee, and administered by Jochen Bloom, Manfred Wuttke and a few other German citizens with virtually unknown biographies[11] . These companies are inactive, but can manage foreign bank accounts, which escape any control.

Prominent among these companies is the European Holding Ltd.[12] , which controls all the other entities: these include the Reichssparkasse[13] , the CSC Credit & Saving Company Ltd. (the name given to the Gemeinwohlkasse, i.e. the kingdom’s pension fund in which its subjects invest their money)[14] , two military companies for the organisation of a voluntary and/or mercenary army[15] , two cybersecurity companies and personal security services[16] . This structure gives a dimension of the potential danger of the monarchists’ project, because it is set up in such a way as to be able to raise funds for a coup d’état or, at the very least, to exert military pressure on the everyday life of the Federal Republic of Germany.

At the same time, it is to be assumed that European Holding also raises funds for real estate acquisitions. There have also been purchase attempts in Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein. According to Fitzek, the kingdom is looking for real estate in all federal states[17] . Having returned his German identity card, he does not appear in any deeds of purchase of the real estate that came into the Kingdom’s possession. So front names are used: the Swiss Marco Ginzel, a close associate of Fitzek, appears as a buyer in one of the contracts, while the association FairTeilen eV Wittenberg, which appears several times in the property purchase applications, is chaired by Ginzel himself[18] and Mathias Blaul[19] .

Bärwalde Castle, around which the new capital of the Kingdom is to be built[20]

It is an association with its registered office in Aschaffenburg, while its postal address is a P.O. Box in Lutherstadt Wittenberg[21] ; it is officially in charge of helping non-profit organisations to collect funds and donations for their activities[22] . The Kingdom is also able to acquire valuable properties such as castles because the local administrations are unable to obtain funding from the Ministry of Finance to exercise their right of pre-emption in the purchase, as the buildings are not classified as being of national importance[23] . On the Bärwalde estate, Fitzek wants to build a village/community where followers can live in total independence from the outside world, while Wolfsgrün is now a centre for seminars and conferences, as well as a health centre. Fitzek himself lives in one of the castle annexes[24] .

Other properties are acquired by little-known private citizens; for example, in 2022 a KRD supporter manages to acquire two larger properties in Bad Lauterberg (Lower Saxony) and Gera (Thuringia), but the connection to the Kingdom only becomes apparent in 2023[25] . In addition to community housing projects, the properties are used for events of a subversive nature, such as seminars on how to leave the system, in which the steps necessary to free oneself from belonging to the state of the Federal Republic to become subjects of the KRD are explained. This process involves the violation of various German laws and regulations; the impetus to take this path sometimes comes from the promise of tax exemption for individuals and businesses.

In addition to being illegal, the process of leaving the Federal Republic of Germany and entering the Kingdom of Germany involves costs of several hundred Euros, which are added to those invested in attending seminars[26] . Among the activities of the KRD that have been running for some time is the issuing of documents: a citizenship certificate plus identity card costs 440 E-Mark (480 Euro)[27] , the digital currency officially adopted by the KRD; driving licences and passports can also be obtained. If you are interested in setting up a new company in the Kingdom or transferring an existing one from abroad, all you have to do is fill in the relevant forms and pay 1400 E-Mark (1650 Euro), net of additional charges that vary according to the size of the business and the number of workers employed[28] .

These transactions are subject to the opening of a current account at the Königlichen Reichsbank[29] , the Royal Bank of the Kingdom. This institution is not registered in the Federal Republic of Germany, so it is impossible to access its records to find out its turnover and list of shareholders. Money can be deposited into the account of this bank, which is at the same time converted into E-Mark, the currency with which one can purchase goods and services offered by the businesses operating within the economic system of the KRD; once deposited, however, the money is no longer convertible into Euro or any ‘foreign’ currency, obliging the account holder to spend it entirely within the circuit of the Kingdom’s businesses[30] . The range of opportunities available to Peter I’s subjects is enriched by the aforementioned Gemeinwohlkasse, a public pension fund through which one is invited to invest in regional development projects that would guarantee a collective and individual return[31] .

According to the German Federal Office for the Defence of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz), KRD supporters face considerable financial losses, as they are not entitled to reimbursement of the sums paid[32] . Active since September 2020 with the opening of the first branch in Ulm (followed by Dresden, Menden and Lutherstadt Wittenberg), the Gemeinwohlkasse is being investigated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which in February 2023 ordered the closure of the fund’s offices[33] . The decision is not yet operational, because the process of liquidating the company’s assets will be extremely complex, and the German authorities are looking for documents describing how much money is in the Gemeinwhohlkasse’s belly and where it is hidden[34] .

Wolfsgrün Castle, part of the Kingdom’s territory[35]

A health insurance fund and a pension fund are also available to the subjects, which helps the King in his attempt to have his new ‘state within a state’ recognised[36] . A key element in the path to self-legitimation is the Constitution of the Kingdom[37] , from which it emerges that the KRD is an elective monarchy, although it is the King who chooses the successor, subsequently confirmed by the people[38] . Freedom of the press[39] , freedom of association[40] and freedom of expression[41] are guaranteed, the death penalty is prohibited[42] , the export of weapons[43] is prohibited. On the subject of taxation, taxes are paid on a voluntary basis[44] . The last article, number 92, explains that until the actual organisation of the kingdom and its organs (Council of State, Constitutional Court, election of People’s Representatives and the President of the Council of New Germany), all powers are unquestionably concentrated in the hands of the Supreme Ruler[45] .

Peter Fitzek buys and renovates castles and villas by spending the money of followers, who often also donate their real estate in exchange for a place to live in the future kingdom[46] . Despite his wit, King Peter ran into trouble with the law several times: in July 2023, he was sentenced in first instance to eight months imprisonment without parole for an assault on a Dessau-Roßlau district official[47] ; from 2011 to the present day, Fitzek has collected a long series of prison sentences or fines for personal injury, brawling, driving without a licence (many times), and violation of the insurance law.

In June 2016, he was remanded in custody (due to a risk of absconding), as part of a trial against him for conducting banking transactions without the authorisation of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and abusing the trust of investors: according to investigators, he had managed a cooperation fund via the Internet, using it to make investments. Almost 600 people paid into the fund’s accounts a total of around EUR 1.7 million: the prosecution is convinced that Fitzek used EUR 1.3 million – which was never found – for his own purposes[48] . He returned free in April 2018, after 22 months of imprisonment, only to be arrested again in November of the same year[49] and remain behind bars until February 2019. In April, he reopened the Royal Reichsbank[50] ; from the end of 2020 until February 2022[51] he is again in prison. 

In addition to acquiring land and buildings, the KRD attempts to gain the support of sections of the population by supporting business owners in crisis: in exchange for help in restoring their businesses, the owners agree to officially become sponsors of the KRD. David Ekwe-Ebobisse, a German citizen with a Cameroon father, runs a vegan shop in Frankfurt am Main and declares himself a follower of the KRD; a sign is displayed outside the shop stating that by entering, one temporarily becomes a citizen of Königreich Deutschland and renounces any further rights to transactions[52] : customers who purchase something there – for example, tickets for events at the club’s premises – have a temporary affiliation with the Kingdom of Germany (KRD) for the duration of the business relationship, including a possible warranty period. In the event of legal disputes, they must therefore refer in the first instance to the constitution, laws and jurisdiction of the Kingdom. This expedient links the protection of individual business interests with the KRD’s objective of increasing, albeit temporarily, the number of its members[53] .

What remains of the Hacienda Mexicana after it was closed by the German police[54]

Another establishment known to have been one of the KRD’s businesses is the restaurant ‘Hacienda Mexicana’ in Saalfeld-Wöhlsdorf (Thuringia): since the end of 2019, the establishment has had a sign at the entrance stating: ‘Access only for citizens and members of the Kingdom of Germany’. The restaurant became nationally known for hosting, in times of restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, events with AfD leaders Björn Höcke and Alice Weidel in attendance. In November 2020, a secret meeting between Michael Ballweg, organiser of the Querdenken 711 (lateral thinking) movement and Peter Fitzek also took place there, which ended prematurely due to a police raid following an anonymous report of anti-covidiousness (80 people attended the meeting, including Fitzek’s followers and anti-restriction fanatics invited by Ballweg)[55]

Due to numerous breaches of distancing regulations, numerous tax arrears, and the fact that the business continued to operate despite being cancelled in October 2019 (because it was transferred under the KRD), in August 2021 the Thuringian State Administration issued a business prohibition against the owner, who was forced to sell the restaurant the following December[56]

Ms. Ute Kowalewsky and her partner Heinrich Müller meet in July 2023 at the former Wiesenbeker Teich spa hotel in Bad Lauterberg (UNESCO heritage site)[57] near Harz (Lower Saxony). After twelve years of closure and decay, she bought the property for EUR 200,000.00. A bargain for the ex-treasurer of ‘Konvent zur Reformation Deutschlands’ (Convention on the Reformation of Germany), a small party that is a direct emanation of the KRD, which tries in vain to have its own political arm in the Bundestag[58] . Kowalewsky, a naturopath, is one of the key people in Peter Fitzek’s network: as early as 2021, she suggested buying real estate for the Kingdom.

In Bad Lauterberg, he took on the task of leading the work that was to transform the hotel into a health and conference centre, as well as exploiting the 2780 square metre site for living space[59] . Among the activists involved in the renovation work is the baker Niels Fortmann, a right-wing extremist from Nienburg an der Weser, who belonged to the neo-Nazi group ‘Nationale Offensive Nienburg’[60] and was sentenced in 2007 to six months (suspended sentence) for incitement to hatred, an offence committed in his capacity as head of the website of the periodical ‘Stimme des Reiches’[61] , a publication that linked its name to that of Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck, a 95-year-old multiple offender and, at the time, wife of Werner Georg Haverbeck, who was a prominent member of the Nazi party[62] : Untersturmführer (equivalent to the rank of lieutenant) of the SS, after a military career during the Second World War, in 1984 he was the initiator of the Committee for the Organisation of the 100th Anniversary Celebrations of the Birth of Adolf Hitler[63] . After ordering a control action by the police in August, the Göttingen public prosecutor’s office intervened at the end of November 2023 to close down a kiosk opened near the new royal estate: it seemed to be the first moves in a battle against KRD expansionism in the area[64] .

In 2014, Ute Kowalewski founded the FairTeilen eV[65] in Garbsen, near her hometown of Hannover (Lower Saxony), an association that was moved to Aschaffenburg (Bavaria) in December 2017. At that time, Marco Ginzel and Miriam Stojanovic from Lutherstatd Wittenberg[66] are also members of FairTeilen. In 2021, the association’s headquarters were moved to Wittenberg: by that time, Kowalewski had already left FairTeilen, followed on this occasion by Stojanovic, while Mathias Blaul[67] joined.

Ute Kowalewski in front of the house in Bad Lauterberg[68]

Stojanovic is the owner of the Rainbow-Tech (Döbeln) company[69] , which sells equipment for heating and cooling air through the patented ‘Klimagie’ system: the ‘Magus 5/20’ offered for sale on the company’s website is an appliance the size of a refrigerator that, thanks to the use of the latest discoveries in quantum physics, does not remove heat from the environment to operate, generating energy autonomously and without CO2 emissions, allowing savings of at least 40 per cent compared to conventional oil, gas and electric systems[70] .

Without clear information on the price of these revolutionary devices nor on how they work (the company’s website and brochures do not display the symbol of attestation to any international protocol of conformity), the KRD promises energy self-sufficiency to the citizens of the kingdom, without the confidence of outside observers, who brand the invention as quackery[71] . Rainbow-Tech’s sales manager is Dr Thomas Oliver Herb[72] ; under the pseudonym Thomas Hoffman, he published the book ‘Mein Besuch in einer besseren Welt’ (My Visit to a Better World), considered one of the pivotal works of the KRD universe, so much so that it is on sale on the website of the Gemeinwohl Akademie, the kingdom’s holistic knowledge platform[73] , along with volumes on esoteric practices and alternative cures[74] .

A mathematics graduate from Göttingen, he first obtained a master’s degree in physics from the California Institute of Technology and then, back in Göttingen, a doctorate in mathematics. Herb is a lecturer at the Gemeinwohl Akademie[75] .  The books sold by the Akademie are published by the Julia White Verlag publishing house, whose address is the same as Rainbow-Tech’s: Wöllsdorfer Ring 7, Döbeln[76] . At this address Stojanovic also registered a shop that operates on e-bay[77] . In May 2023, Herb and Stojanovic founded the Croatian company Dobar Raj D.O.O. (Donji Srb), which deals in the wholesale of petroleum products[78] : the company’s website indicates the forthcoming opening of a petrol station in the village of Srb, three hundred kilometres south of Zagreb[79] .

In the kingdom’s strategy of income growth, seminars constitute an important item: in addition to the money spent to obtain citizenship, activists who wish to become messengers of the new gospel by conducting the various types of meetings to leave the ‘system’ and enter the KRD, must attend a first-level course costing a few hundred euros, to which a licence fee is added, once they have passed the exam; to obtain the second-level Seminar Leader certificate, another course must be attended costing 3,000 euros per month. As an incentive and reward, Fitzek offers Seminar Leaders a commission on the contracts they manage to close. Every new citizen brought to the kingdom, every company founded or relocated there, every new contract with the local social security system, every new bank account or deposit book opened at the KRD bank and simultaneous transfer of capital, every purchase of the Rainbow-tech company’s Klimagie system become a way for the most involved activists to limit their loss of money[80] . Peter I then simply cashes in.

The Frankfurt shopkeeper Ekwe-Ebobisse is one of the most well-known faces among the citizens of the Kingdom, a star on Instagram with his own channel where he spreads his ideas on healthy eating and keeping fit[81] .  Even more important are Marco Ginzel, a figure very close to Fitzek, and Dirk Schneider, known for having attempted in 2021 to buy a princely villa next to the Bogensee, north-east of Berlin, once owned by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister very close to Hitler. Owned by the city of Berlin, the villa (which had been in ruins for years) was put up for sale, attracting the attention of ‘Leben & Kreative Campus Bogensee’, a cultural association that intends to renovate it and turn it into a multi-purpose centre.

Joseph Goebbels’ villa at the Bogensee, converted by the GDR government into a holiday centre for the leaders of the Communist Party youth organisation FDJ[82]

On closer examination by the current administrators, who are obliged to watch over the fate of those buildings with a ‘sensitive’ past that have escaped demolition, Schenider’s name emerges as one of the key figures of the group interested in the purchase[83] . Through the “OpTinfoil” initiative (targeting conspiracy movements)[84] , the Anonymous group released many documents relating to the planned takeover of the property, including some exchanges of letters between Fitzek and Schneider, bringing to light significant details: investigated for fraud and resident since 2020 in Bogensee, Schneider was acting directly on behalf of the King, who asked him to keep the KRD’s involvement secret.

Documents published by Anonymous reveal that the royal ambassador plans to build hotels, a meditation centre and a building for seminars and large events in the area, as well as a vegan restaurant and a health centre for women in childbirth. His plans include a permanent collaboration with the far-right party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which would organise its annual congress there, hosting five hundred people for three days: according to Schneider, that event alone would have earned the KRD around 90,000 Euros. In addition to AfD, Steve Bannon and QAnon could also have organised events at the venue.

These plans are scuppered at the beginning of 2020, when Schneider, in order to make the ‘Leben & Kreative Campus Bogensee’ association credible in the eyes of the administrators, includes the candidate of the left-wing party Die Linke Isabelle Czok-Alm, Die Linke’s parliamentary secretary in the Berlin Chamber of Deputies Steffen Zillich, the federal director-general of the Greens Michael Kellner, numerous artists and creative people from the Berlin scene and the student village Schlachtensee. All are horrified and bewildered when they discover Schneider’s true intentions, causing the plan for a grand new palace to founder for the time being[85] .

Fitzek’s goal is to recruit new members and donors in order to expand both the number of structures and the portions of territory in the Kingdom’s availability, focusing on the one hand on the hope of the entrepreneurial class to obtain fiscal and commercial advantages (through privileged sales networks), and on the other hand on the fears and aspirations of people in search of alternative lifestyles, minorities who feel marginalised because of their ideas about the management of the Covid, the political class, the ruling elites, but also because of adherence to racist and extreme right-wing ideologies. It is the opinion of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz that the KRD, while not promoting any violent action, may lead its adherents along a path of radicalisation, sustained by a total disavowal of the state, which could push them to self-defence against the intervention of the police of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This feeling is accentuated by the KRD’s process of building parallel structures to manage the health, education, banking-insurance, legal and housing sectors[86] . Together with the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz and the Bafin, administrators and local communities fought to wrest vital spaces away from the aggressive real estate speculation of the Kingdom. In Rutenburg, Brandenburg, there is a good supply of real estate and land, often vacant, which owners sell at low prices. Here, the KRD comes into possession of 44 hectares of land on which to set up an agricultural business, but the city committee Alliance for Democracy, with the support of the Brandenburg Constitution Defence Office, fights to prevent further operations, showing the rest of the country which way to go in order to hinder the spread of the Kingdom’s activities.

As in the case of Goebbels’ villa in Bogensee, Schneider’s presence there is repeatedly reported in the recent past, as well as that of Ginzel and Fitzek himself. Here, the KRD acts by infiltrating the ‘Am Eichengrund eG Lychen’ cooperative, whose former president, André Proetel, is an organic gardener and supporter of Anastasiades[87] , an esoteric-ecological movement with a decidedly racist and anti-Semitic connotation, so much so that it was included by the Brandenburg Constitution Protection Office in the list of extreme right-wing cases[88] . The current president is Stefan Ziemer, who is considered to be a collaborator of the KRD in light of his meetings with Fitzek in the town.

With its approximately five thousand followers (and growing), the Königreich Deutschland is one of the most popular movements among those linked to the Reichsbürger galaxy[89] . Many others, which do not enjoy equal popular favour, give the image of a jagged universe in which, however, it is possible to identify some points of contact between the groups.

Joseph Goebbels’ villa as seen from the woods behind it[90]

Republik Freies Deutschland

The Republik Freies Deutschland (RFD) (Republic of Free Germany) was founded in Leipzig in May 2012 by Peter Frühwald, former federal vice-president of the Freie Union, an extreme right-wing party he founded together with Gabriele Pauli[91] . The ideological foundation of the RFD is the Constitution of the Weimar Republic, while the goal is to free Germany from the exploitation imposed on it by the West and Israel, with the complacency of a gagged press. The RFD declares its territories (the homes of its supporters) exempt from paying taxes and, more generally, from the jurisdiction of the German state.

Hoping to become a legally recognised entity, in the summer of 2012 the organisation announces the forthcoming issuance of its own identity documents, car number plates, the establishment of health insurance companies and a land registry office: the reference is to an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo, according to which the foundation of states is not only a legal process, but must be linked to the concrete exercise of power[92] . As in the case of Fitzek’s Königreich Deutschland, the issuing of documents is, therefore, a step towards claiming legitimacy.

Frühwald, President of the FRD since May 2012, was deposed by other members of the government in September of the same year. The coup plotters work to start selling identity cards, driving licences and passports, the latter to be registered with Interpol to ensure their use at borders. As a result of these activities, three members of the RFD are accused of document forgery for commercial purposes by the Memmingen public prosecutor’s office: between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, many documents were distributed, including 46 passports – each at a cost of EUR 80 – and another 34 are pending. The key men: Hubert B. acts as ‘head of the Allgäu Citizens’ Office’ in Krumbach and ‘state secretary for the budget’, Silke H. is in charge of accounting. Heinz O. is the ‘Minister of Budget and Finance’ who registers the P.O. box and the Internet address through which documents are sold.

After a series of convictions at first instance, mismanagement of the trial by the prosecution allowed the defendants to get away with paying a fine, against an operating revenue of more than EUR 165,000 for 2012 alone[93] . Whether they are ‘Souveränisten’ (sovereignists), ‘Selbstverwalter’ (self-administrators) or strictly right-wing extremist circles, the Reichsbürger are thus united by their rejection of the Federal Republic under international law and their focus on the term ‘Reich’ (Kingdom) and its alleged existence, but also by a growing tendency to arm themselves and the business acumen of the various protagonists (especially leading figures such as Fitzek or Frühwald), who are sometimes in competition with each other. Below are more examples of past and present Reichsbürger movements:

Neue Ordnung

Neue Ordnung – NO (New Order) is characterised as a genuine neo-Nazi movement, born of Jörg Lange and Meinolf Schönborn. The movement was discovered in March 2012, on the occasion of the death of Lange, a well-known neo-Nazi and mercenary fighter in the war in Yugoslavia: five people had been staying for weeks in the basement of the guesthouse ‘Weißes Haus’ (White House) in the town of Herzberg, 70 kilometres north of Berlin, until one of them, Lange, was found dead in his room from heart failure. Next to the corpse, the police find several weapons, including a semi-automatic rifle with 300 rounds of ammunition, other cartridges without the weapons they belong to, but also racist pamphlets, created by an unknown neo-Nazi organisation: Neue Ordnung, to be precise.

In 2013, experts Rudolf Frühling, from the state security organisation in Bielefeld – the city where Schönborn resides – and Sebastian Edathy, SPD member and President of the NSU-Untersuchungsausschuss (Nationalsozialistische Untergrund), described NO as an extremely dangerous organisation that prepares its members for combat. Schönborn, the leader of the troops, wants to abolish the Federal Republic of Germany, whose sovereignty he does not recognise, and establish a regime on the model of the National Socialist Reich; already in the early 1990s he led the Nationalistische Front (NF), a neo-Nazi group organised on the model of the SS, even then with the intention of fighting the democratic regime.

The NF is banned following a raid by special police forces on a Schönborn property in Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia). The year is 1992. Already in 1988, one of Schönborn’s followers set fire to a building inhabited by Turkish families in Schwandorf (Bavaria), killing four people and seriously injuring eleven[94] . Neue Ordnung has not been heard from since then, while Schönborn directs (since 2009[95] ) ‘Recht und Wahrheit’ (RuW)[96] , which can be translated as ‘Law and Truth’, a bi-monthly magazine of the neo-Nazi galaxy that has existed since 1989, to which the YouTube channel of the same name is linked; in the videos uploaded (the last one dates back to May 2020[97] ) the director pontificates on the German empire, on the falsehoods linked to the Coronavirus, on the nationalist struggle, etc. .[98].


The small Berlin group spokesmen for conspiratorial instances linked to anti-Semitic ideology, imagining a parasitic Jewish power that would control the world and contribute to the current situation of a Federal Republic of Germany still enslaved to the Third Reich, lacking state sovereignty and constitutional legitimacy. The stated goal of restoring the Weimar Constitution of 1919 could not be implemented without the help of Russia, which is evoked in the Germany-Prussia-Russia Axis revival project[99] .

The group’s ideology is not consistent: despite being part of the Reichsbürger galaxy and extreme right-wing movements, Staatenlos.info declares itself anti-Nazi[100] , identifying the Third Reich as the cause of the lack of sovereignty of present-day Germany: the financing of National Socialism by US big business (a historically established fact[101] ) is responsible, among other things, for the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Holocaust, through its puppet Adolf Hitler, who is said to have put Germany in the position of no longer being a sovereign state, but a US colony. Central would also be the role played by the Rothschild group, controlling 99% of the world’s banks[102] . In addition to rallies, held by the leader Rüdiger Hoffmann[103] , the group is noted for organising regular vigils, generally attended by a very small number of participants[104] .

Geeinte deutsche Völker und Stämme

‘Geeinte deutsche Völker und Stämme’ (GdVuSt), which can be translated as ‘German Peoples and Tribes United’, is an organisation that continues to exist despite being banned in 2020 by the then Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) for having its members clearly expressed their intolerance of democracy through racism, anti-Semitism and historical revisionism[105] . As Reichsbürger, the GdVuSt believe that the German state, in its current legal framework, does not exist: the Federal Republic of Germany is only a company, and all state organisations are actually subsidiaries registered in a US directory, including the federal police[106] .

Heike Wendig, a rare example of a woman at the head of a conspiracy organisation, describes herself as the ‘general representative of the united German peoples and tribes’. In 2018, she asked Chancellor Angela Merkel by letter to close down the Federal Republic, declaring the federal election campaign illegal and giving the GdVuSt Supreme Court full powers. As part of the group’s ban, the German police carry out searches in flats in ten states, belonging to the largest of the approximately 120 followers counted in 2020.

In the pamphlets found, the members of GdVuSt incite hatred against Jews, who aim to rule the world. According to the group, monuments commemorating the Holocaust should be removed. The banning order states that the group includes in its logo the Lebensrune (rune of life)[107] , a symbol of pre-Roman European origin already used by the Nazis in various contexts[108] , including the SS’s Lebensborn project, which encouraged SS troops to have children out of wedlock with ‘Aryan’ mothers and kidnapped Aryan-looking children from occupied European countries to raise them as Germans[109] ; the heavy and repeated threats against civil servants and their families constitute further grounds for considering the existence of the group incompatible with the Constitution[110] .

While disowning the state and its institutions, Heike Wendig uses euros for payments for the seminars she organises: 70 per person, rising to 100 if you are in a couple. Of the 500 supporters or sympathisers identified during the searches, 200 are the subject of further investigations, such as Wendig herself, who is accused of having used the account of a deceased lady to have money sent to her until 2022: a sign that the GdVuSt is still active even after the 2020 ban[111] .

Vereinte Patrioten

Four men between the ages of 44 and 56 and a 76-year-old woman were arrested at various locations in Germany between April and October 2022; firearms with ammunition, cash, gold bars, foreign currency and silver coins were found in their homes. The five – among them Sven Birkmann, the leader – are now on trial in Koblenz, together with others arrested later, for an attempted coup d’état, the main points of which can be listed as follows: to sow chaos through bomb attacks and power cuts throughout Germany, to kidnap the then Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and, once they had seized power, to introduce a new constitution based on that of the German Empire that came into force in 1871[112] .

The link between the coup plotters is the membership of the group ‘Vereinte Patrioten’ (United Patriots): the Telegram channel of the same name is said to have been one of the coordination centres between the members of the organisation[113] , members of which were arrested in early October 2023[114] . The plan and objectives of the ‘Vereinte Patrioten’ reveal the point of contact with the Reichsbürger galaxy, which is, once again, the rejection of the democratic republican state, to be replaced by an authoritarian form of government, structured on the 19th-century constitution[115] of Otto von Bismarck, which officially gave birth to the German Empire on 16 April 1871[116] .

Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuß and the Patriotische Union

In April 2022, in the first operation of the authorities against the Vereinte Patrioten, the home of a former soldier of the Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK), a special unit of the German army, among others, was searched[117] . His name is Peter Wörner, at the time an instructor in survival courses and a convinced survivalist. At Wörner’s home, the investigators found firearms, ammunition, a fake hand grenade, six rifle magazines, combat helmets, protective vests and pictures of the underground station near the Reichstag and the Paul-Löbe-Haus, a building where many members of parliament live and work. Wörner ends up in the investigation for having contacted Birkmann shortly before the raid.

The investigators, who were guarding the Vereinte Patrioten, let Wörner free after the searches and at the same time carefully observed him, discovering within a few months that he belonged to the group Patriotische Union, the movement led by Heinrich XIII Prinz (Prince) Reuß[118] . During the aforementioned meeting, Wörner asked Birkmann, who refused, for personnel to use with his group for an assault on the Bundestag as part of a coup d’état that would lead to Prince Reuß becoming the new leader of Germany[119] .

Desperate in Prinz Reuß is the will to recover the possessions lost during the expropriations carried out by the Soviets after the Second World War: he only managed to recover a few possessions worth 1.8 million euros, but not the family properties. Hence, perhaps, his own desire for revenge against the German state; in any case, Reuß became a figure of reference in the Reichsbürger scene, capable of assuming the role of a potential strong leader of a liberated Germany by virtue of his status as a true aristocrat with a real castle: the Waidmannsheil hunting lodge in southern Thuringia[120] .

Invited to give a speech at the Worldwebforum, an event held in Zurich in 2019, Reuß explicitly accuses the Rotschild family and Masonic finance of financing wars and revolutions to establish a new world order. He is invited to speak in place of Sascha Zahnd[121] , now a member of the board of directors of Logitech and at the time vice-president of Tesla[122] . Although sudden, Reuß’s summons is in line with the general theme of that year’s event: ‘Master or Servant’, a concept that fits well with the prince’s discourse on the decadence of aristocratic rulers[123] .

The Wordwebforum, which today is in rapid decline, was founded in 2015 by software entrepreneur Fabian Hediger, who managed to get high-level speakers thanks to his contacts in Silicon Valley; over the years, Hediger has focused on talks by provocative and controversial personalities; in 2020, Roger Hallam was invited, a well-known environmentalist and promoter of the non-violent fight against change, founder of the Extinction Rebellion movement[124] and author, a few months earlier, of statements judged scandalous on genocides, with particular reference to the Holocaust[125] .

  Ralph Thomas Niemeyer[126]

The sectarian and conspiratorial aspect of the group that forms around Reuß is a decisive glue for the development of the story: there are clear references to the QAnon universe in the terms its followers use to identify good and bad guys: ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ respectively[127] . Angela Merkel is a black hat, while Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are white hats. Hoping for effective support for his own coup aspirations, the prince tries to establish contact with Moscow’s white hat: at the end of November 2022, a former Bundestag candidate from the Die Basis party (belonging to Reuß’s group), contacts Ralph Thomas Niemeyer. Former husband of the (independent, former member of the Die Linke party) parliamentarian and journalist Sahra Wagenknecht[128] , Niemeyer has Bundestag candidacies behind him[129] and a history of fraud[130] . At the time of the pandemic, he made headlines as the champion of opponents of the government’s anti-contagious measures: it was at a demonstration against the government that Niemeyer first uttered words against the state[131] . In 2022, he embraces positions that coincide with those of the Reichsbürger galaxy, stating that Germany is not a sovereign state[132] and that it has no real constitution.

This last statement was made to the YouTube channel ‘DruschbaFM’, run by Alina Lipp, one of the stars of Russian propaganda in Germany through disinformation on the Russia-Ukraine war[133] . Co-founder of DruschbaFM is Sergej Filbert: while this German-language channel not only produces its own content, but also gives voice to Russian-speaking disinformation, with the YouTube project Golos Germanii (‘Voice of Germany’; about 508,000 subscribers – active since 2014) Filbert translates speeches by German supporters of Putin (AfD members, Ken Jebsen[134] and the conspiracy scene, but also Sahra Wagenknecht) into Russian, producing, since 2020, also his own interviews[135] .

On several public occasions – demonstrations and rallies – Niemeyer has direct contact with prominent members of Reuß’s Patriotische Union, such as Colonel Maximilian Eder, Michael Fritsch, former chief inspector of Lower Saxony, and Ruth Hildegard Leiding, the group’s seer hired as an advisor by another prominent member of the coup plotters, namely the judge and former member of parliament of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland party Birgit Malsack-Winkemann[136] .

In the new government envisioned by the prince during meetings in the Waidmannsheil castle, Malsack-Winkemann would take over command of the justice department[137] , while command of the military wing, to which Colonel Eder[138] initially aspired, would go to Rüdiger von Pescatore, former commander of the German Army Special Forces (KSK), where he is the direct superior of Peter Wörner, the survival instructor who is involved in the operation. Von Pescatore’s past includes a suspended sentence and a discharge for misappropriating 165 firearms from the former German Democratic Republic, some of which have never been found, and his subsequent move with his family to a farm in Pomerode, southern Brazil.

Rüdiger von Pescatore[139]

Owner in Brazil of a consulting firm and a solar energy company, Von Pescatore returned to Germany in the autumn of 2021, as he reported to Brazilian acquaintances, to ‘help a friend’[140] . Embarking on the coup project, in the first half of 2022 Von Pescatore constantly meets with recruits at petrol stations, making the soldiers sign an agreement of absolute secrecy about the purpose of the mission. At the time of the disbandment of the group, there are three basic military units: one in the Black Forest, one in the prince’s castle and one in the mountains in Saxony. Wörner also ordered military uniforms similar to those worn by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War.

The attack strategy, according to the investigators’ reconstructions, consists of gathering at predetermined points and waiting for the signal to go into action[141] . What signal? What date for the coup? The lack of this is due to the group’s expectation of the decisive intervention of an ‘Alliance’ capable of ensuring victory against the forces of the usurping Republican Federal State. Some in the Patriotische Union believe that the Alliance is composed of aliens, and that they are part of a chosen group to fight an intergalactic battle for the universal good. This requires the presence of fortune-teller and astrologer Ruth Hildegard Leiding, paid by judge and former parliamentarian Birgit Malsack-Winkemann to act as a receiver of messages from supernatural beings. Group member Marco von H., who has a criminal record for violent crimes, suggests that he comes from another star system and is the chosen one to communicate with the Alliance[142] .

Colonel Eder, in a rally in front of the Reichstag (German parliament building) together with the leader of Staatenlos.info Rüdiger Hoffmann, talks about how children are barbarically murdered by the German ruling class in order to drink their blood and thus remain young, later declaring that he is setting up a team of soldiers to clean up[143] . Eder’s theories and those about aliens are borrowed from QAnon’s ideology, according to which Trump is in contact with the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadians, valuable allies in the fight against the forces of evil[144] . The United States of America and Russia, in the persons of Trump and Putin, are representatives of a secret society (Alliance) of governments, armies and intelligence services supporting groups such as the Patriotische Union.

It is in order to facilitate the intervention of these forces, therefore, that Ralph Niemeyer receives, in December 2022, some letters – written by Reuß in May 2021 – to be delivered to Valdimir Putin. Niemeyer is considered a reliable ambassador because, in September 2022, he flies to Russia as the self-appointed representative of the German government-in-exile, the only real interlocutor for the international community, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany having lost all residual legitimacy. The trip – on account of which he is now on trial for fraud with possible negative consequences for Germany’s security – is packed with important meetings: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, his spokeswoman Marija Vladimirovna Zacharova, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov and Gazprom chief Aleksej Borisovič Miller[145] .

As the self-styled Chancellor-in-Office, Niemeyer signed contracts with the Russian gas giant, which were completely ignored by the real German government[146] . In the telephone call received in November from the member of the Patriotische Union, Niemeyer states that it would have been difficult to get in touch with Lavrov or Putin on behalf of Prince Reuß; in order to get in touch with leading figures such as Zacharova or Peskov, he would have used an anti eavesdropping satellite phone provided by the Russians themselves, who would however have warned him to use the device only in really important cases. Then, on 5 December, during a rally in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Niemeyer received, from a woman called ‘Svetlana’, the prince’s letters for Putin[147] .

Alina Lipp, German pro-Russian activist, heroine of pro-Putin disinformation[148]

On the same day, Reuß formalised the purchase of 394 hectares of federal forest land for the price of EUR 1 million: an unusual attitude on the part of a man who does business with the state he would like to overthrow, a big deal for the Ministry of Finance, which later tried to invalidate the contract[149] . Two days later, on 7 December 2022, a raid by the police put an end to the prince’s dreams and delusions: Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuß was arrested together with 25 other people, including Rüdiger von Pescatore, Peter Wörner, Marco von H., Birgit Malsack-Winkemann[150] , at the end of a lengthy investigation[151] , on charges of conspiracy against the state for coup d’état purposes[152] .

In December, therefore, the Patriotische Union has not yet acted, held back by the wearisome wait for the decisive intervention by the Alliance. Yet the moment had apparently already arrived two months ago: the members of the group rejoiced anxiously on 8 September 2022, interpreting the death of Queen Elizabeth II as the signal, sent by the Alliance, to take action within the next 48 hours. After which nothing happens; they decide to wait another 48: nothing. From postponement to postponement, Reuß’s men arrive at the end of November, increasingly impatient and frustrated, when they initiate contact with Niemeyer[153] (who, after Reuß’s arrest, denounces the attempted involvement to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and hands them the letters[154] ) and with the Russian consulate in Leipzig.

In the raid of 7 December 2022, two members of the group, Christian W. and Frank R., were also arrested, referred to by the investigators respectively as co-founder and supporter of the Patriotische Union: on 28 November 2022, a correspondence with the Russian Consulate General in Leipzig starts from Frank R.’s email, in which the alleged members of the coup group present themselves as average pro-Russian businessmen who ask for a meeting with the Consul to inform the Moscow government about anti-Russian propaganda in connection with the Ukrainian conflict; two days later, the diplomatic office proposes a meeting for 8 December. Despite the ridiculous reasons given in the meeting request, the consulate therefore agreed to meet Reuß who, if he had not been arrested the previous day, would have come to Leipzig in the company of his assistant Vitalia B., a Russian from Kaliningrad (1983), doctor cum laude in Art History at the University of Heidelberg, who would have already visited the consulate on her own during 2022. She was also arrested in the raid on 7 December 2022[155] .

The terrorist organisation of Heinrich XIII Prince Reuß represents at once the most extreme fringe and the summa of the Reichsbürger galaxy: proof of this is the belief in the QAnon theory and the so-called ‘Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force’ (S.H.A.E.F.) – according to which the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during the Second World War, the SHAEF, would not be dissolved at the end of the conflict, as in fact it was, but would still be active, with the consequence that the Federal Republic of Germany is still an occupied state without a legitimate and valid legal order[156] .

Conspiracy narratives linked to the phenomenon of state delegitimisation and right-wing extremist narratives therefore form a common denominator. The group’s intention to eliminate the current political system in Germany by using armed force demonstrates the high willingness to use violence in some parts of the ‘Reichsbürger’ spectrum and its attractiveness to supporters of other extremist phenomena, who congregate all the more spontaneously the more the ideological substratum animating the groups is confused and ambiguous. Some of them are openly neo-Nazis, others are not, but in all of them lurks the suspicion, indeed, the conviction, if not the certainty, that they have been and still are being cheated and harassed by a system in which they do not recognise themselves precisely because they probably remain on the margins.

Reichsbürger militants praising the QAnon sect[157]

Certainly the Reichsbürger represent a phenomenon linked to the extreme right, with some groups characterised by a strong anti-Semitic component, always justified with ‘solid’ historical reasons. Another transversal element in the Reichsbürger galaxy is fantasy: starting from an unlikely historical-legal assumption (the illegitimacy of the current German state, starting from its constitution), some groups have succeeded in constructing entire fictitious realities, which stand on the firm will of their members to suspend their disbelief for an indefinite time. Some more astute leaders, such as Peter Fitzek of the Königreich Deutschland (KRD), build on this unscrupulous building speculation projects by deceiving their followers, others preach harmlessly in the wilderness.

Groups such as Patriotische Union or Vereinte Patrioten, however ramshackle and wishful thinking they were, posed a real threat both because of the violent actions they could enact and because of the desire for emulation they could arouse in groups ready to take their place. According to the monitoring data of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz – BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) in 2018, the overall Reichsbürger phenomenon concerns 18,400 persons (of whom 920 are gun owners)[158] , in 2021 21,000 are counted, in 2022 the number rises to 23,000, 1,250 of whom are recognised as right-wing extremists and 2,300 declared to be ‘oriented towards violence’, both physical and verbal. Although the number of gun-owners fell to 400 in 2022, the number of crimes – violent and non-violent – committed by Reichsbürger has been rising steadily since 2019[159] .

It was only in 2016 that the BfV took on the task of closely monitoring the phenomenon, following the murder of an agent of the Spezialeinsatzkommando – SEK (Special Operations Command) by Reichsbürger Wolfgang Plan[160] ; according to the Bundeskriminalamt – BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) and the BfV, from 2015 to the first half of 2017 the Reichsbürger allegedly committed around 10,500 crimes[161] . The action taken since then against the movement groups, with arrests and bans, has led to an overall reduction in the number of crimes[162] which, however, as just reported, have been slowly rising again since 2019. Vigilance work on the part of the authorities is therefore constant and often effective, but the subversive phenomenon of the Reichsbürger seems to be reaping increasing popularity in spite of – or perhaps thanks to – the unbridled and dangerous libertarian fantasies it feeds on.

The mystical substratum

Esotericism, a decisive component in the exercise of rule over the minds of the followers, is thus a distinctive feature of the Reichsbürger movements. Already, however, the ideological substratum preparatory to the birth of the National Socialist Party stems from Adolf Hitler’s theosophical studies of the doctrines of the Austrian ariosophists (‘connoisseurs of the Aryans’) Guido von List and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, who blamed race confusion for the German world’s ills such as wars, economic difficulties and political uncertainty. This racial confusion originated, according to the two, from an anti-Germanic conspiracy that destroyed the pure society dominated by the occult sciences. The goal (the dream) of von List and von Liebenfels is to replace the corrupt modern world with a new Germanic empire, in which a precise social order would be restored under the rule of the Armanenschaft, a priestly elite[163] .

The life of the Nazi party is permeated by these ideas, especially in the men in command. After the end of the Second World War and the end of the Aryan utopia, esoteric cults related to the possibility of recovering, continuing or surpassing the purifying path begun under Nazism became widespread, delving into even more daring territories of study, if possible: Maximiani Julia Portas, better known by the pseudonym Savitri Devi, is a Greek scholar and activist and fervent supporter of Nazism; after the end of the war, she campaigned in favour of Indian independence and in the advocacy of theories based on the denial of the Holocaust and the belief that Hitler was the incarnation of a Hindu divinity, sent to Earth to put an end to Kali Yuga, the dark age according to Indian mythology[164] .

Lover in the 1960s of the neo-Nazi financier Françoise Dior (granddaughter of the famous fashion designer)[165] , in 1940 Savitri married the Nazi Brahmin Asit Krishna Mukherjee: the two became Axis spies in India, then under British control. Her deep penetration into Hindu culture allowed her to proselytise the most extreme fringes of Hindu nationalism, merging some of its elements with principles of Nazi ideology, going so far as to advise organising resistance against Muslims, the real bogeyman for Hindus[166] : Even today, the fight against the Islamic threat is one of the foundations of the parties of the Hindu right, including Bharatiya Janata, the formation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi .[167]

Savitri Devi’s work is part of Indian history, therefore, but also part of the history of the European and American extreme right: fringes of the US alt-right cite her as an authoritative source of inspiration, but certainly also conspiracy organisations such as QAnon feed on her arcane suggestions to fuel their own conspiratorial dynamics. Devi’s writings contain, in fact, all their key ideas: human beings are divided into ‘races’; they should be kept separate; some groups are superior and have more rights than others, and are therefore threatened; the dark time in which we are forced to live will only end when the superior beings regain power, leading us to a mythical golden age[168] .   

The Frenchman Robert Charroux – a pseudonym of Robert Joseph Grugeau – was influenced by Savitri Devi’s studies in formulating the pseudoscientific theories that made him famous in conspiracy circles: in line with studies and publications from the anti-evolutionist area, he narrated in several books, published in the 1960s and 1970s, the story of ancient aliens who would have colonised the Earth in very remote times, mixing their DNA with that of humans. Various races are said to have been created by the coming of aliens: Europoids – Aryans, Jews, Japanese, Slavic peoples -, purely alien or mixed human-alien subjects; Asians – the inhabitants of Asia but also Native Americans -, who are Europeans subjected to the radioactive consequences of an extraterrestrial nuclear war and to crossbreeding of aliens with animals; blacks, on the other hand, are, according to Charroux, humans not crossed with aliens[169] .

Popol Vuh, the Maya Bible[170]

In the book ‘Lost Worlds: Scientific Secrets of the Ancients’, Charroux takes his cue from the sacred creation text written by the Maya, ‘Popol Vuh’[171] , and from the Greek myth of Hyperborea, a legendary land to the north of the Hellas in which the inhabitants lived in a paradise of pure perfection[172] , which the Enlightenment astronomer Jean Sylvain Bailly used in conjunction with that of Atlantis to narrate the existence of a primeval northern civilisation, living in the far north of the world, which would give rise to culture, the arts and science[173] . The Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society), a racist and anti-Semitic esoteric organisation founded in Germany in 1918, which places the mythical island of Thule as the place of origin of the Aryans-Hyperboreans[174] , is also a source of inspiration for Charroux. He proposes in pseudo-scientific form the myth of the ancient astronauts, who would have given rise to the Celtic race, placing Hyperborea in the seas of northern Europe between Iceland and Greenland. These Nordic aliens would have arrived in two waves, from the cold planet Ummo and Venus respectively[175] .

The degeneration of the Aryan Hyperboreans of Thule at the hands of dark-skinned enemies, who would lead mankind into a progressive regression, is already a fundamental point of the pivotal text, together with Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, of the national socialist ideological substratum: “Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts”[176] (The Myth of the 20th Century). Alfred Rosenberg, the author, was a leading figure in the regime: ideologist, editor-in-chief of the party newspaper Völkischer Beobachter, member of parliament and foreign head of the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)[177] . Published in 1930, the book drew heavily from contemporary völkisch (populist) nationalist thought[178] , as well as from the pangermanist and racist theories put forward by Houston Stewart Chamberlain in 1899 in his book “Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts”[179] (The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century), one of the reference texts for all race politics during the Nazi regime.

The Hyperboreans had enemies with whom they engaged in terrible wars here on Earth. Both sides had access to science-fictional technologies, of which the ancient Egyptians would be among the last repositories; the Ark of the Covenant, for instance, would be an electric generator built by Moses on the basis of Egyptian knowledge: Charroux[180] takes this idea from the arisophist Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels[181] .

There is thus a path of influences that starts from the völkisch nationalist movement of post-Napoleonic origin, which contributes to the creation of a common yearning of the German people for unification, while at the same time instilling the conviction of being depositaries of a glorious, divine past, which must be preserved from cultural but above all ethnic contamination: Arianism becomes a destiny, a mission, a religion. Aryanism, Chamberlain, the Thule Gesellschaft, Rosenberg, are among the causes of the tragic turn of history in the 1930s. Imaginative elaborations of sacred texts of pre-Columbian civilisations and, above all, adaptations of Hindu symbols and vocabulary reinforced Nazi doctrine with effective references (the swastika, Hitler seen as an avatar, personification of a divinity descended to Earth to restore order)[182] . Savitri Devi continued the Hitler beatification path, also influencing authors such as Charroux, who rejuvenated pseudo-scientific theories and pan-Hellenic myths of primitive purity by mixing them.

Savitri Devi, priestess of Adolf Hitler[183]

Chilean diplomat Miguel Joaquín del Carmen Serrano Fernández also belongs to the current of esoteric Nazism, like the exponents of Ariosophy, Savitri Devi and Charroux. A long-time ambassador, he maintained relations with various intellectuals of his time, including Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, Ezra Pound and Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama[184] . Serrano is the author of texts, which have become a reference in the right-wing counterculture and which contribute decisively to the spread of esoteric Nazism[185] .

He fuses Nordic mythology with Indian mythology and recognises Hitler as the avatara of Vishnu, who must guide the Hyperborean Divyas, progenitors of the Aryans, in the struggle against the dark forces of Kali Yuga, led by the God of the Jews[186] . The extermination of six million of them during the Second World War by the Nazis would have served, according to Serrano, to destroy the archetype of the Jewish unconscious, thus decreeing its extinction. Six represents, according to esoteric numerology, precisely the Jewish unconscious: the existence of Jews after the end of the Second World War would therefore testify that not that number, but many fewer[187] .

Serrano is, during the early years of the Pinochet dictatorship, a staunch anti-Semitic activist, disliked by the country’s right-wing establishment, who has abandoned all forms of public hostility towards Jews, as much as followed by the most extreme minorities. His strong anti-Jewish connotations and his denialism of the Holocaust mark him out as an influential figure in the dissemination of neo-Nazi rhetoric that has come down to the present day; as early as the 1980s, the CIA kept him under observation and investigated him, discovering that Serrano planned to install a Hitler colony in Patagonia[188] . In his book ‘Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar’ (1984), he predicted the rise of the Fourth Reich in Latin America[189] .

Serrano’s popularity on the continent describes the grip that Nazi themes have among South American extremists: in some states, such as Brazil, Nazism has a significant history, dating back as far as the 1930s[190] . The Argentine Jewish journalist Jacobo Timerman, in his book “Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number” (1981), describes the fierce anti-Semitism of Jorge Videla’s military dictatorial regime through the mouths of some of its representatives, who are convinced that they are finishing in Latin America the work that the Nazis left unfinished[191] .

Paul Schäfer represents a further significant trace of the neo-Nazi drifts that, from Latin America, reverberate in Europe even today, including in the Reichsbürger movement. A second-rate Nazi, after his participation in World War II he remained in Germany, joining the Evangelical Free Church in 1945, from which he was expelled following accusations of sexual abuse of minors[192] . Schäfer then began to preach around the country, later becoming a follower of the American preacher William M. Branham: he was one of the self-proclaimed ‘faith healers’ who gained a large following in the aftermath of the conflict among the population eager for simple and direct answers from religion; Branham was one of the fathers of the Healing Revival Movement, which in the following decades took the form of the tele-preaching[193] , which was so successful on the American continent and more recently in the Islamic world[194] .

Some of the victims of Colonia Dignidad[195]

Branham’s sect is called “The Message”: he is the incarnation of God, women are emissaries of the Devil and must be commanded and kept at bay by all means: various forms of abuse and violence are widespread among the followers of “The Message”[196] . Schaefer was inspired by this model when, after having also fled to South America because of his past, he founded ‘Colonia Dignidad’. We are in Chile in 1961[197] . The first nucleus of the Colony is made up of Schaefer’s followers who have come from Germany in search of a place to start again, as well as a large number of orphans. Through a great deal of public relations work, the ex-Nazi obtained for himself and his community 181 square kilometres of forest near the town of Parral, in central Chile, which were fenced off with barbed wire and protected with armed guards and dogs: Schaefer’s law is in force inside, with the connivance of Chilean politics, which both turn a blind eye to the conditions of the followers.

In order to purify themselves, the faithful are forced to work as slaves while eating very little – this fate also befalls orphans -; for their pastor they build a television station, a power station, two airstrips and maintain the export business of wood, grain, corn and German specialities. The women, whom Schaefer considers to be devilish beings like their mentor, are continually subjected to humiliation and violence[198] . From 1973, with the rise to power of General Augusto Pinochet, a fruitful collaboration began between Schäfer and the dictator himself: the Colony does not pay taxes on its trade, and the regime, through the DINA (Chile’s notorious secret police), uses its premises and forests to interrogate, torture and kill opponents and make their bodies disappear[199] .

Schäfer himself, and a few colonists forced by him, participate in the torture on several occasions[200] . An arsenal is kept in the colony’s stores: almost two hundred rifles and machine guns, thousands of hand grenades and surface-to-air missiles[201] . In the 1990s, when political support for the community leader began to wane, the heavy accusations against Schäfer, which included uninterrupted physical and mental abuse of the orphans and children of the colonists, prompted him to flee to Argentina, where he was arrested in 2005 and extradited to Chile, where he was tried and sentenced and served thirty-three years in prison[202] . He died behind bars, aged eighty-eight, on 24 April 2010[203] .

A very different experience from those of the Reichsbürger galaxy, the sectarian, violent, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic cult of Colonia Dignidad does, however, share with some of its groups the danger that the fanciful delusions of a few may attract to itself slices of the people eager for confident and charismatic, even violent, leaders who will take care of thinking for them of a bright tomorrow without Jews, communists, or other ‘deviants’. Even at the cost of giving one’s whole self – and one’s possessions – for a cause that, as a rule, only benefits those who hold power in the present and do everything possible to keep it for as long as possible. Belief in spiritual doctrines that are wholly or partly secret was, moreover, also relevant in the birth of the ideological substratum of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party.

It is unnecessary to emphasise how all this is both odious and worrying. It is also superfluous to state that the growing reactionary wave risks wiping out centuries of social achievements in a short time. We all know this. It is especially frightening that the judiciary, which apparently monitors and controls these movements, does not know (or does not want to know) that a movement as illegal as the monarchy of Peter I is building a financial network capable, perhaps, one day, of triggering a coup d’état. And there is nothing we can do to prevent it, except to play the role that, in Pinocchio, was played by the Talking Cricket.


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