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There is a big and sad difference between the life that right-wing extremists and left-wing extremists are forced into. The latter have to choose clandestinity, and depend on organisational and financial aid from foreign powers and criminal forms of self-financing, such as bank robberies or kidnappings. Quite different is the life of the neo-Nazis, who can live their madness in the open, without hiding, asking for financial support from citizens and rich sponsors, or creating their own business.

The most surprising example is that of the American supremacist violence icon Dallas Humber, who continues to propagandise and proselytise (she is one of the very few women, together with her husband, to be openly in favour of child pornography), but alongside her terrorist activity has developed a business that allows her not only to make a living, but even to get rich: she sells Nazi-designed erotic objects: vibrators, dildos, plastic phalluses, latex suits for dominants and dominated. A completely legal business, for which she is a world leader.

The existence of this businesswoman of eroticism and supporter of slaughter is a sign that neo-Nazi violence has now become part of everyday life, as if it were any of the taboos that a bacchettona society like the American one after years of struggles, marches and petition drives successfully fights. With one big difference: in Europe women fight for equality, freedom of choice, protection of their sexuality, divorce, abortion. In the United States, women fight for access to weapons of mass destruction and for membership in organisations violently opposed to any natural rights of women. A paradox that is really hard for us Europeans to understand.

In the United States of America, there are more and more young Nazis. It is a trend born out of ignorance and dissatisfaction, an act of rebellion against bigoted respectability and social malaise. The economic crises, the war in Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, the Watergate scandal, the lies about invasions in the Middle East, have erased the American dream. Social violence and inequality have increased, crazed kids shoot at schoolmates, unemployed parents live in tents on the pavements of big cities.

Between religious faith and politics

13 February 2021: Spanish neo-fascist leader Medina Peralta incites racial violence against Jews[1]

In this situation, religious fundamentalism and Nazi mysticism have become an escape route with increasing success[2] , not only in America. In Bratislava, Slovakia in October 2022 Juraj Krajčík, a young 19-year-old Donald Trump fan[3] , uses a gun with laser sight to attack those loitering in front of an LGBTQ bar, killing two boys and wounding a third[4] . He then tweets “Don’t feel regret, isn’t this fun?” and kills himself[5] . In an area of youth discomfort in which people no longer know what to do and what to live for, more and more are choosing a method, which they consider aesthetically and (almost) religiously justifiable, to kill and, if possible, to die.

He is not an isolated nutcase: his gesture is the fruit of three years of radicalisation[6] on American social networks such as 4chan[7] , on which Krajčík posted a ‘like’ to a sixty-five page manifesto, in which he calls for the genocide of queers, Jews and blacks[8] – all of whom are guilty of increased immigration, degeneracy, homosexuality, transgenderism and deviance of all forms. He blames them for enslaving people financially and introducing social control[9] . The son of a prominent member of the far-right party Vlast[10] , Krajčík imitates and quotes the writings of other white supremacist killers, whom he calls ‘saints’. In a section of ‘special thanks’, he expresses gratitude for the online community in which he radicalised himself, the ‘Terrorgram Collective’[11] .

“You know who you are… Building the future of the White Revolution, one step at a time”[12] . This is the first time that the Terrorgram Collective[13] – a neo-Nazi propaganda app – has been mentioned in a text by a mass murderer[14] . On Terrorgram, the neo-Nazi forum Iron March rages, linked to both the outlaw group National Action (UK)[15] and the Atomwaffen Division (US)[16] . At the head of the Terrorgram Collective is a woman, 33-year-old Dallas Erin Humber[17] .

She is an experienced neo-Nazi, and also a recovering methamphetamine addict[18] . She has been shouting her racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic ideologies in a digital vacuum since she was a teenager. She is the voice behind numerous propaganda videos celebrating killers[19] such as Brendan Tarrant[20] , the Christchurch killer, and Juraj Krajčík[21] . And she is a businesswoman, who has turned her passion into a political and commercial enterprise.

Terrorgram Collective

Charlottesville, Virginia, 11 August 2017: White extremists gather around a statue of Thomas Jefferson after marching through the campus of the University of Virginia[22]

The Terrorgram Collective is at the heart of the international neo-Nazi movement – one that advocates brutal violence and acts of mass destruction to accelerate the collapse of society so that a whites-only world can be built in its place[23] . The collective publishes several very detailed and extensive documents online, aimed at provoking acts of ‘lone wolf’ terrorism[24] . It produces propaganda – audio books, videos and memes – that travel through the web in the hope of inspiring new killers like the one in Christchurch, who killed 51 Muslims in two mosques; the El Paso killer, who killed 22 Hispanics in a Walmart; the Pittsburgh killer, who killed 11 Jews in a synagogue; or the Buffalo killer, who killed 10 black Americans in a grocery shop[25] .

The network of terror enthusiasts immediately exploited the events in Bratislava. Krajčík candidly admitted that the murders he committed were directly influenced by the propaganda of their network[26] . Only two days after the assassination, the collective released a 24-minute documentary glorifying the murders committed by 105 ‘saints’ over the past 50 years[27] . Humber’s voice echoes throughout the film[28] .

The identity of the people behind the Terrorgram Collective, who use pseudonyms, remained unknown[29] until a coalition of anonymous anti-fascist researchers – including SoCal Research Club, @WizardAFA, @SunlightAFA and @FashFreeNW[30] – began working to show the face of these web monsters. Evidence reveals that one of the main propagandists of the Terrorgram Collective is in fact Dallas Erin Humber[31] , an erotic object entrepreneur[32] . But this story has little to do with eroticism[33] . Humber’s rise in the ranks of Terrorgram put her in direct contact with neo-Nazi hierarchs such as Luke Kenna, Michael Brown Jr., Brian Tierney and the founder of Atomwaffen (AWD)[34] , Brandon Russell[35] – all Nazis arrested in recent months.

They, in addition to politically motivated acts of violence, must answer for a failed bank robbery plan[36] . Many groups formed by young people take inspiration from various right-wing theorists, including the French novelist Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus, whose ‘theory of the great replacement’ postulates that a global Jewish elite is conspiring to replace whites with non-whites[37] . As for German National Socialism, the theses are the same as in the 1940 presidential campaign, when the Republicans blamed Roosevelt for betraying the tradition of Christian and Aryan supremacism and choosing, between Hitler and the Jews, the wrong side, thereby also compromising the racial and racist balance of the 20th century United States[38] .

Brandon Russell with the Atomwaffen logo tattoo on his right shoulder[39]

Atomwaffen is organised as a series of independent cells that dream of the collapse of civilisation. Its members, described as accelerationists, believe that violence, depravity and degeneration are the only way to bring order to their dystopian and apocalyptic vision of the world[40] . AWD’s online presence is unknown to law enforcement until 2017, when Devon Arthurs kills two members of the group during an argument in Tampa, Florida, in the flat shared by four young extremists.

In interviews with Tampa police, Arthurs said that Russell plotted “to kill civilians and target power lines, nuclear reactors and synagogues”[41] . Arthurs says that Atomwaffen was inspired by The Order, a neo-Nazi terrorist group active in the 1980s. Led by Robert Mathews, the organisation believes that the United States has been taken over by a shadow government of powerful Jews. The group bombed a synagogue and in June 1984 murdered Alan Berg, a well-known Jewish radio host from Denver[42] . Russell was arrested together with his girlfriend, Sarah Clendaniel[43] , and after his release on bail he continued his neo-Nazi proselytising work[44] . He had enrolled in the Florida Army National Guard in part to get the kind of combat training he could use for Atomwaffen[45] .

Kathleen Belew, assistant professor at the University of Chicago[46] , has studied the historical links between the white power movement and the US military. White power groups, she says, have long drawn from military ranks, and former soldiers have become leaders of white supremacist groups[47] . These groups give disaffected veterans purpose, camaraderie, community, once they leave military service[48] . In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Belew writes, white power groups increasingly modelled themselves on the US military and began to focus on recruiting ‘both veterans and active-duty troops to run training camps’ and ‘create paramilitary training facilities’.

As the movement becomes more extreme, it looks for people who can build improvised explosives or shoot accurately with a machine gun. In 2017, almost 25 per cent of active duty service members interviewed by Military Times said they had encountered white nationalists among the military[49] . Humber and Russell, on Terrorgram[50] and on 4chan[51] , spread the idea that the white race is dying out. Unlike the old white supremacists – from the Ku Klux Klan to the new neo-Nazi terrorist groups like the Base or the Atomwaffen Division – the new recruits on the racist forums 4chan and 8chan are often teenage boys in high school. They express their anger because they have no future, no past, feel threatened by everything[52] .

Dallas Humber, in order to make a living, has built a future for herself: she sells artwork and sex toys. In contrast to politicised women in favour of equality and freedom, who have been fighting against the chauvinistic and bigoted American culture for more than a century, women like Humber do not necessarily think they have to go back to the cooker, they are not excited about raising children, they want to fight to the death with their men.

The inspirer of the shooting in Bratislava

Brandon Russell’s partner, Sarah Clendaniel[53]

Dallas has been involved in neo-Nazi circles since adolescence[54] , often in connection with Japanese comics[55] . In 2003, she created a blog in which she pays tribute to Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess. Passionate about drawing and animation, she likes to publish portraits of her idols in the style of Japanese animated films. Among others, there is a drawing depicting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele posing in front of the gates of the Auschwitz camp[56] .

Humber’s role as a spokesperson for white supremacy is only the latest stage in a twenty-year journey through the underworld of the Internet, which began when she was only 13 years old[57] . Humber describes herself at that age as a ‘hopeless fangirl’ of serial killers[58] . Her pseudonyms include ‘pretty dictator’, ‘the Lolita of the Far Right’ and now ‘Miss Gorehound’ (‘the pretty dictator’, ‘the far-right lolita’ and ‘the gore film junkie’)[59] . Once, in a chat group, Miss Gorehound forwards a message from an account probably run by herself, called Right Wing Book Club, praising the man who assassinated civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr[60] .

As an adult, she continues to publish drawings inspired by Nazi Germany, but this time from the perspective[61] of the ‘eros guro’, a Japanese art movement that combines grotesque and eroticism[62] . Among his most recent and most famous publications is a fanfiction set in a death camp, about the torrid affair of a Nazi couple. From bad to worse. From 2003 to 2006, Humber was active on sites such as DeviantArt[63] (DA) and LiveJournal[64] (LJ), early web outposts for artists, bloggers and angsty teenagers. In addition to 4chan, she frequents Gurochan[65] , a forum clone specifically for people interested in ‘gore’[66] , which contains scabrous sex and blood footage found on the deep web, the deepest and least accessible network[67] .

While juggling various aliases on the platforms, she does not remain anonymous. She openly shares information such as her age and date of birth, as well as the fact that she lives in Elk Grove, California, and is a student at Laguna Creek High School. Her first posts are in a LiveJournal community called EGL, short for Elegant Gothic Lolitas. Gothic Lolita is an originally Japanese fashion subculture, but Humber’s interests quickly shift from fashion to fascism. Between the ages of 13 and 16, Humber posted neo-Nazi-inspired art and writings on his Deviantart profile[68] listing ‘writing to serial killers’ as one of his interests[69] .

Humber claims to have experienced ‘a brutal awakening’ that led to a ‘drastic change in political convictions’. She never offered any further explanation. Much has changed since she began espousing the rhetoric of white supremacy online, from her initial fascist support for the ‘System’ to calls to destroy it. The young woman exploits the opportunities the platforms offer her to inculcate her ideology to an otherwise hard-to-reach audience. But Nazi fan-art is only one of Humbers’ online outlets. At the age of 14, she started posting pictures of herself on the website[70] HotOrNot[71] , where strangers judge the sex appeal of others.

A cartoon by Dallas Humber depicting smiling SS officer and torturer Joseph Mengele in front of the gates of the Auschwitz death camp[72]

Soon after turning 15, she changed the slogan of her biography from Deviant Art to ‘Darling Lolita of the Far Right’. By now, her neo-Nazi and ‘lolita’ identities begin to merge. She creates other online communities, with names such as Fascistic Beauties and Fascistic Frills. The forums aim to merge fascism with femininity for girls who, like her, consider themselves ‘politically radical Lolita’. The communities provide her with the opportunity to develop her skills in exercising social control over others.

Instead of concerts, Humber promotes lectures[73] for the Institute for Historical Review[74] , an organisation with a long history of promoting Holocaust denial. He spends most of his time doing calculus, reading textbooks on quantum mechanics. At the age of 15, he was part of a small group of high school students chosen to compete in the Student Launch Initiative, an engineering design challenge conducted by NASA. His team, composed entirely of physics students, won the national championship. In mid-2006, he abruptly stopped publishing in his usual forums. A year and a half later she publishes a bizarre story about her ex-boyfriend who left her for an e-girl. Then her mother kicks her out of the house. These two events upset her to the point of not attending college despite having a scholarship. After asking the art community for help, she disappears from social life for seven years.

Lolita and the old paedophile

Humber with Jason Gant, her paedophile Nazi boyfriend[75]

In 2014, the former ‘hopeless fangirl’ returned to the Internet. The online comeback coincides with her debut in a different realm, one in which she becomes known as ‘Tex’. “Little Lolita” starts selling, in addition to expensive leggings and jeans, dildos[76] , including the “rather impressive” Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny[77] . Under the name ‘Tex Hunter’ he reviews sex toys, distributing tips, tricks and coupon codes to his viewers. For her long absence from the forum she gives a vague explanation: ‘I’m so happy to be back! Happy to be able to draw what I want again! (for stupid and complicated reasons I had to stay offline and in censorship for a few years)’. Apparently, those ‘stupid’ and ‘complicated’ reasons are neither stupid nor complicated. She got herself into legal trouble and the years she spends ‘offline and censored’ are actually spent in court-ordered recovery programmes.

In 2008, she was arrested for burglary and charged with a number of offences including receiving/concealing stolen property, possession of a forged identity document, providing false information, and resisting a police officer[78] . In 2010, police raided her home and arrested Jason James Gant (aka: Jason Gant Rau), her boyfriend, for possession of child pornography, later convicted. She was arrested again in 2012 for possession of a drug – methamphetamine – and sentenced to probation[79] , again together with her long-standing boyfriend with whom she has been in a relationship since she was 18 and he was 30 – a maniac who racked up numerous arrests, the most serious of which was for possession of child pornography depicting children under the age of 14[80] .

In 2015, Humber announced a big project: to write and illustrate the first positive novel about World War II executioners. It is a love story between two members of the Einsatzgruppen[81] who have extreme sex, drenched in blood between prisoner massacres, in a Nazi death camp[82] . The Einsatzgruppen (special action groups) are units of the SD (the SS intelligence service) that follow the German army as it invades countries in Europe. Often referred to as ‘mobile extermination squads’, they are best known for their involvement in the systematic murder of Jews on Soviet territory[83] . Humber cheerfully depicts the Nazi death squad killing women and children.

At the end of 2019, he switched to Telegram, and then Terrorgram[84] , where it is permissible to put any racist terrorist on a pedestal, canonise them online, and exhort members to organise themselves to commit similar acts in turn. Humber does not mind the investigation by the US authorities because it is not so easy to prove that he directly incited others to commit racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic acts[85] . In other countries, things would certainly be simpler[86] . In the United Kingdom, for example, 19-year-old extremist Daniel Harris was sentenced in January 2023 to eleven years in prison following a series of online posts on the World Truth Videos platform spewing racist rhetoric and making calls for the death of minorities[87] and for producing videos inciting American terrorists to act[88] .

It works, unfortunately[89] . In June 2015, a young white supremacist with segregationist obsessions[90] entered a Methodist church in Charleston, South Carolina, and killed nine African-Americans attending mass. Sentenced to death in January 2017[91] , this is the first federal death sentence handed down for a hate crime. Humber’s latest venture is the publication of 1500 pages written by Anders Breivik[92] , the Norwegian neo-Nazi who massacred 77 people in 2011[93] . His clientele led Terrorgram to become the world’s most famous site for neo-Nazism[94] . Humber posts gloating and mocking messages about the lack of clues in the recent[95] attack in Moore County, North Carolina[96] . While the perpetrators are still at large, and the motives remain ‘unknown’, right-wing terror ideologues like James Mason support the attacks[97] .

The support of the American Right

James Mason’s books (centre) are reprinted by members of the Denver Atomwaffen Division[98]

Hate groups are often backed by prominent figures of the American right-wing political-economic establishment. With his takeover of Twitter, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, unblocked almost 12,000 accounts that had previously been suspended for anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic or transphobic comments or for inciting violence[99] . Among the most notorious accounts is that of Donald Trump, who seems to align himself more closely with white supremacist concepts[100] .

Among others, Andrew Anglin, the editor of The Daily Stormer, America’s most influential neo-Nazi website, famous for its anti-Semitic, denialist, misogynist and supremacist statements, which divide even the extreme right. Then Marjorie Taylor Greene, Qanon’s anti-vax member of the US House of Representatives. Patrick Casey, leader of the American far-right group Identity Evropa. Emory kickboxer Andrew Tate. Kanye West, the anti-Semitic rapper[101] . Hate groups are springing up in all American states, and Florida (thanks to Governor Ron De Santis) is the ‘promised land’ for Trump supporters and the right[102] .

Support also comes from the police, in whose ranks many right-wing extremists, supremacists and violent racists[103] . During times of economic crisis, people lose faith in the economic system and look elsewhere for the solution. Socialists sought the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the collectivisation of property. Fascists and Nazis seek to strengthen exploitative capitalist social relations, but with themselves at the top, as if it were a religious faith[104] . A faith that grows and strengthens on the identification of the enemy: communists, gays, Jews and gypsies, but lately also other minorities, gays and lesbians and even Christians[105] – not forgetting migrants, Muslims, queer and trans communities.

We might like the version of history that reassures us: fascism was born in Europe and was defeated in the Second World War by the Allies[106] . In truth, as Hitler himself notes in Mein Kampf, Nazi Germany’s imperial project of white supremacy is directly ‘inspired’ by the racist policy and genocidal expansion of the United States into the native territories[107] . In this nation, a growing wing of the white power movement calls itself an ‘accelerationist’ with the belief that violence is the only way to pursue political goals. Accelerationists are not part of a new movement. They are merely a replica more prone to terrorist violence than has existed in recent decades[108] .

So far, the emblematic moments of social pressure in America over the past decade have been two. The first, triggered by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minnesota police officer, was the nationwide wave of mass demonstrations in May-June 2020. The second was the assault on parliament that discredits the American democratic brand and weakens its legitimacy[109] . In this myth, in this life choice, everything is dystopian, as in the life of Dallas Humber[110] . Young people like her approach extremist groups with the desire to share failed expectations, anger and frustration. Parents fail to pass on love and respect to their children. They too are guilty of not educating them to love, but to hate[111] .

A collection of Dallas Humber products, customisable with neo-Nazi symbols[112]

It is unclear whether Humber, now that his role in Terrorgram has been discovered, can or should be criminally prosecuted[113] . In the landmark Supreme Court decision Brandenberg v. Ohio, the court ruled that advocacy of violence can only be punished “where such advocacy is directed at inciting or producing imminent unlawful action and is likely to incite or produce such action”[114] . The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law states that it can be a major hurdle for prosecutors to prove that it is ‘probable’ that certain incitements produce ‘imminent’ violence. It may be difficult, for example, to prove that Humber encourages his followers to commit acts of terror[115] .

The Terrorgram Collective’s propaganda does not announce specific and imminent dates for acts of violence. A conscious choice: one wants the double advantage of anonymity and notoriety. They want to remain nameless and continue, free of any consequences, while elevating their celebrity status among their peers[116] . Shannon Foley Martinez, who has worked in at-risk communities[117] , claims that white supremacist propagandists have been using Terrorgram Collective for years to incite violence. According to her, it is only a matter of time before the group inspires another acolyte to commit an act of violence. In other countries, prosecuting Humber would be possible[118] .

It is up to the authorities of the countries to identify those at risk in order to intervene in good time. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the thought of Bernardino Ramazzini, visionary scientist[119] , captured in an advertisement for a well-known toothpaste and toothbrush company in the 1990s ended with this phrase[120] . The good intentions and declarations of intent are there. But is there any real interest in action in the United States? doubts remain, as does the hope that the recent past, which most of us have had the great good fortune not to experience, will not be repeated in the future.


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